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Microsoft 365 User Adoption Coaching

There are many studies on how technology departments spend fortunes on new systems and applications and then spend nothing or a small fraction of that new system cost on training their system users. Don't be one of those study statistics! Help your business be a great success by providing your employees or colleagues with the tools they need to be efficient and effective. 

Where does user adoption coaching begin?

Understand your users and that adoption is a value proposition. The same way that you evaluated this new system to identify a return on investment or some type of savings, your users need to have a reason to adopt it. You can always mandate use, but if users don't find value in it they will find a way around - including by the use of shadow IT (which you definitely don't want). Begin by determining what the value proposition is and communicate it to your organization.

Our Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist can help you understand the value proposition for your users. Other techniques provided include the following and more.

  • Training on all of the Office applications and how to leverage the integration between them

  • Regular communications to reinforce training

  • Organizing a team of Champions

  • Live events

NOTE: User adoption services are available for more than just Microsoft systems.

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